Brandy - Looking Glass
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Tunning: Standard (E A D G B e)
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Hi Everyone - from time to time this song has shown up on the net in one
form or another. I had to re-learn it for a band and thought I'd
share my interpretation. Good luck!
- Charlie

Brandy - Looking Glass

C#m7 B A C#m7 B A Bsus4 B

| Amaj7 E/Ab | F#m Bsus4 B |

E Abm F#m C#m
Theres a port on a western bay
F#m A D/F# A
And it serves a hundred ships a day
E Abm F#m Abm C#m
Lonely sailors pass the time a way
F#m A E
And talk about their homes

Theres a girl in this harbor town
And she works laying whiskey down
They say Brandy, fetch another round
She serves them whisky and wine
The sailors say...

C#m7 B A
Chorus: Brandy, you're a fine girl
B C#m7 B A
What a good wife you would be
Bsus4 B
Your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea

Amaj7 E/Ab F#m Bsus4 B

Brandy wears a braided chain
Made of finest silver from the north of spain
A locket that bears the name of the man that Brandy loves
He came on a summers day - bearing gifts - from far away
But he made it clear he couldnt stay
The harbor was his home

- Chorus -

C#m7 B
Bridge: Brandy used to watch his eyes
As he told his sailor stories
C#m7 B
She could feel the ocean fall and rise
She saw its raging glory
C#m7 D
But he had always told the truth
C#m7 A
Lord he was an honest man
Bsus4 B
And Brandy does her best to understand

At night when the bars close down
Brandy walks through a slient town
And loves a man who's not around
She still can hear him say
She hears him say...

Chord Shapes:

C#m7 B A Bsus4 Amaj7 E/Ab E F#m Abm D
E -4---2--0---2----4-----4---0--2---4--5-|
B -5---4--2---5----5-----5---0--2---4--7-|
G -4---4--2---4----6-----4---1--2---4--7-|
D -6---4--2---4----7-----6---2--4---6--7-|
A -4---2--0---2----------7---2--4---6--5-|
E ---------------------------0--2---4----|
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Looking Glass
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Pop Rock
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